Meghan’s Sustainable Office Tips: Reuse Junk Mail

Reuse Junk Mail Before You Recycle It!

Although I am someone who is very concerned with environmental sustainability, there are certain unsustainable practices that are easy to fall prey to when you are working in an urban office space. I try to work on ways to make office life less wasteful and more resourceful. So I’m going to be posting about some of the small things that I like to do to in order to be more conscientious of resources & waste while at work.

Yes, you should recycle, recycle, recycle. But before you toss all that junk mail into the blue box, think about its possibilities! The envelopes and the backs of letter paper are pristine surfaces to write on. It takes just a few minutes for me cut up this pile of “junk” and transform it into note paper. Then I’m using it to its full potential before sending it off to be recycled!

It’s also important to consider simply cutting down on the amount of junk mail your workplace receives. If you have a fax machine, get off those spam fax lists! It’s worth taking a few moments each week or two to fax, email, or call in to subscribe from junk mail and junk faxes!

I’d love to hear what you all are doing as well! Please send me your tips and I’ll post them all up here.