11 Great Plants of the West Coast (and a photo of alpacas for good measure)

I hope you enjoyed seeing some watery West Coast scenes earlier this month. It’s a rainy day here in Philadelphia, PA, where our office is located, so looking at sunnier sights feels like a welcome reprieve. While traveling from Seattle to Los Angeles earlier this summer, I couldn’t stop admiring all of the plant diversity. So cool!

Here are some of my snapshots of the various green spots I encountered on my own Green Trek (see what I did there?). From a green roof atop the California Academy of Sciences to succulents in a friend’s yard in Portland, OR, to the majestic redwood forest, I was in awe of it all!

Exploring the Weekend Wilderness

Despite dedicating so much time to educating about our local environments and sharing people’s sustainability stories, it still can be a challenge to carve out some time to enjoy the nature around me. It doesn’t help when it’s freezing cold and the sun sets before six, either! This past weekend, I managed to escape from urban life for a little while to the Virginia wilderness! Here are some photos from my adventure.

Virginia Wilderness (Photo by Meghan Filoromo)
Virginia Wilderness (Photo by Meghan Filoromo)
Virginia Wilderness (Photo by Meghan Filoromo)
Virginia Wilderness (Photo by Meghan Filoromo)

On the Farm with Meghan

As some of you know, I spent the summer interning on an organic farm located in Central Pennsylvania within the Chesapeake Bay watershed. Learning about organic agriculture was a wonderful experience! I wanted to share some photos of my farming internship with you.

Now that I’m back in the GreenTreks office, I’d love to catch up with all of our partners and supporters. Send me a line and fill me in on your summer!

To learn more about the organic farm I interned on, visit the Village Acres Farm website.

Piglets (Photo by Meghan Filoromo)
Farm (Photo by Meghan Filoromo)
Tomatoes (Photo by Meghan Filoromo)
Blueberry Field (Photo by Meghan Filoromo)