The Environmental Fund for Pennsylvania (EFP) provides donors with a simple and effective way to help secure a healthier future for Pennsylvanians by protecting land, air and water quality through a balanced group of 17 trustworthy environmental member organizations.

It’s a fact: GreenTreks grew out of the Environmental Fund for Pennsylvania (EFP), and now, we’re a completely separate entity. We remain committed to EFP’s mission and handle all EFP operations on behalf of its respected member organizations. Through its wide range of workplace giving campaigns, EFP enables hard working Pennsylvanians to easily and consistently contribute to issues close to our hearts. We give to EFP because we care…about our family’s future, not just about environmental issues. By helping, even in the smallest way to create healthier environment, we are creating a healthier future for our families and for all Pennsylvanians.

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