Green City

Our home town of Philadelphia has a reputation as a down on its luck, self-deprecating place that can’t quite get its act together–but if you’ve been here recently, you’d be hard pressed to explain this attitude.

Philly has undergone a transformation over the past decade and despite the struggling economy, we’ve vaulted our way to the forefront of the urban greening movement in the past several years. We’re honored to be able to partner with many of the organizations and individuals behind this amazing renewal and we’re excited to help bring their stories to light.

The Mayor’s Office of Sustainability is truly visionary and has been working to put the building blocks in place to show residents that the City itself is not just talking the talk but is putting words into action. Keep tabs on the City’s GreenWorks program to see what lies ahead and what progress we’ve made. Greenworks Philadelphia >>

The Philadelphia Water Department’s Green City, Clean waters initiative is┬áprobably the most visible program because it touches every neighborhood in the City and brings into focus the true interconnectedness of human activity and the natural world. Our highlight video offers a snapshot of the program:

There’s much, much, more information about PWD’s far reaching program available on their website, including all kinds of information about how YOU CAN GET INVOLVED! Go check it out >>

We’ve done an entire series of videos on different aspects of PWD’s community changing work. You can see them, along with a bunch on great projects from all over Pennsylvania on StormwaterPA. Take a look >>