EcoExpress is an exciting Teacher’s Resource Center that sets a new standard for engaging students in understanding the value, importance, and benefits of taking an active role in environmental stewardship.

EcoExpress embodies GreenTreks approach by showing where issues such as global warming, air pollution, poor water quality, waste disposal, and local food intersect with our everyday lives. Using the power of video stories, it helps bring these global concerns down to a local level and connects mandatory environmental education themes and lessons with the real world, in a thoughtful, compelling, and relevant way. It guides teachers in using these stories and extends the learning from the classroom to the schoolyard and into the community to get students truly involved.

EcoExpress: Videos Tied to Standards. Local. Relevant. Real.

Loaded with short, age appropriate stories, this ever-expanding collection of programs uses the power of visual storytelling to help educators meet the challenge of engaging students and preparing them for PSSA tests. To date, more than 35 video segments have been added to the site, correlated to statewide standards and the Philadelphia District’s Core Curriculum, associated with keywords and PSD vocabulary, and enhanced with additional content.

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