GreenTreks Network, Inc. is an award-winning Philadelphia-based nonprofit communications organization dedicated to educating people about the interconnectedness of environmental, societal, economic, and individual health.

We fill a vital role on behalf of the environment: Communicating the power of the individual in creating meaningful change.

About GreenTreks from GreenTreks Network on Vimeo.

We connect the big issues to real people and everyday life.

We challenge individuals to think about the consequences of their actions.

We provide insight, understanding, and the impetus for change.

We motivate others to act in positive ways.

We Tell Stories that Change the World.

Our television programs have aired in all major markets in the country and been available in more than three-quarters of all American households with TVs.

Our web community has grown continuously since our GreenWorks.tv site launched in Pennsylvania; we have reached millions of visitors from all over the Commonwealth, other parts of the country—and many other parts of the world.

Our solutions-based materials have been used by hundreds of schools and nature centers, civic groups, small business associations, and partner organizations who are on-the-ground fighting for positive change.

Our programs succeed in touching audiences because of their local, personal, action-oriented approach.