Conscious Coffee Purchases Show How Everyday Decisions Can Have a Global Effect

Everyone likes a good cup of coffee (well, almost everyone: collectively, Americans drink more than 300 million cups a day!), but there’s far more to coffee than the flavor and buzz from ca ffeine. With the livelihood of more than 25 million coffee growers, the stability of communities, and the health of entire ecosystems at stake, we can make a difference with the coffee we drink…

Change is a Brewin’ Intro from GreenTreks Network on Vimeo.

This video offers an introductory look at some of the issues associated with coffee. Stay tuned, there’s much more to come…

Environmental Video Stories for All

If you haven’t visited yet, check it today, because it’s our new hub of environmental video stories that takes the big issues and boils ’em down to the most important thing of all: WHAT YOU CAN DO!

EcoExpress was developed to help Pennsylvania’s educators connect classroom concepts in environment and ecology with their student’s day to day lives. Anyone can search for videos by keyword topics, PA Environment and Ecology Standards, and the Philadelphia School District’s Core Curriculum, but only registered Teachers get access to an entire Learning Pod of resources to accompany the videos. And only registered Teachers can make Playlists, create Personal Notepads for lesson plans, and more.

EcoExpress is a work in progress, so check back often to see exciting new features as it continues to evolve.

Go there now:

Snow Melt is Runoff is Stormwater in a Different Form…

…and stormwater runoff is one of the biggest threats to water quality around. We’ve been working on bringing water quality issues to the public for the better part of a decade through the GreenWorks television series, documentary specials such as The Water We Share, From Bay to PA, and Life on the Delaware, and our Watersheds Weekly webcasts (archived programs will be coming to this site soon). And yet, for the past couple of years, we’ve really zeroed in on stormwater, because it’s where the cascade effects of human activities can really be seen.Continue reading →

Welcome to the new GreenTreks!

We’ve been threatening to bring out of hibernation for quite some time now, and we thought it fitting that we emerge while another storm hits the Northeast. Why wait for Spring?

If you’ve followed us for awhile, you probably know that we’ve been completely focused on a few major initiatives for the past couple of years–which has prevented us from maintaining a broader presence with our friends via the Web. Thanks for sticking with us and for your continued contribution to building a happier, healthier, more sustainable world. GreenTreks 2010 will be very different, so stay tuned. There’s some great stuff to come!

If you’re new to GreenTreks, welcome aboard. We’re an award-winning Philadelphia-based non-profit communications group.

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