Stormwater runoff causes flooding, erosion, water quality impairment, and the degradation of the stream habitats—all of which negatively impact the economic and environmental health of the waterways throughout Pennsylvania. Without question, we need to ramp up our efforts to control polluted runoff–but misperceptions, financial challenges, and political resistance are just a few of the barriers facing clean water advocates.  “Selling” the value of stormwater best practices is essential for real change to occur.

StormwaterPA was established in 2007 to help move the needle by filling an information gap and providing guidance to putting better stormwater programs in place. The project has grown into a key source of news, information, and from-the-field examples of small and large scale efforts that are protecting water resources, improving community health, and growing local economies in sustainable ways.  is the Go-To resource center for tools to help communities transform stormwater runoff problems into positive amenities for the benefit of all.


Our ever-growing library of video case studies and learning materials are available on the site, as well as through our YouTube and Vimeo channels.

SWaterPA_toolkitFor those who prefer hard copies, we’ve also produced DVDs and interactive CDs, which are available here >>

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