Press Room

GreenTreks has been honored with numerous awards for our work in television, print and on the web. We have also received recognition for overall excellence in environmental education. From our Three Rivers Award to our Emmy®, we’re proud to be making such an impact.

Television Programs and Documentaries

San Francisco Chapter Emmy® Awards

Winner, Outstanding Achievement, Public/Community Affairs Program, 2006-2007: Natural Heroes Season 2

Mid-Atlantic Region Emmy® Awards

Winner, Outstanding Public Information Series, 2000: GreenWorks Television Series

Nominee, Outstanding Youth Programming, 2004: My Name is Jeremiah

Nominee, Outstanding Public Affairs Program/One Time Only Special, 2003: EnviroArt

Nominee, Outstanding Community Outreach Program, 2001: The Environmental Classroom

Nominee, Outstanding Public Information Program/One-Time Only Special, 2001: Farming on the Edge

Nominee, Outstanding Children’s Program One-Time Only Special, 2001: The Environmental Classroom

Nominee, Outstanding Public Information Series, 2001: GreenWorks Television Series

Telly Awards

Platinum, 2000: Faces of the Farm

Silver, 2005: Natural Heroes Series, Season 1

Bronze, 2006: Natural Heroes Series, Season 2

Bronze, 2007: Natural Heroes Series, Season 3

Bronze, 2003: Biodiversity

Bronze, 2002: Choose to Reuse

Bronze, 2002: Enviro-Pioneers

Bronze, 2001: Echoes Through Penns Woods

Bronze, 1999: Buy Recycled

Bronze, 1999: Pennsylvania’s First Green Building

Bronze, 1999: Land Use

Insight Award

Award for Excellence, Broadcast TV/Environment Category, 2006: Natural Heroes Season 2

Council of State Government

Innovations Award, 1998: GreenWorks Television Series

Videographer Award

Award of Excellence for Programs/Community Access (First Place), 2001: The Environmental

Award of Distinction for Creativity/Cinematography (First Place), 2001: From the Bay to PA

Honorable Mention for Creativity/Editing, 2001: The Environmental Classroom

Award of Excellence (First Place), 2000: The Recycling Loop: Buy Recycled

Communicator Award

Award of Distinction, 2001: The Environmental Classroom

Web Sites

Council of State Government

E-Government Eagle Award for Innovation, 2000: website

Crystal Award

Award of Excellence, 1999: website

PA Resources Council

Environmental Achievement Award, Nonprofit category, 1999: GreenWorks website

Capital Awards, Harrisburg Chapter of the International Association of Business Communicators

Gold Award, 2000: GreenWorks website

General Excellence

Preservation Pennsylvania

Communications Award, 1999: GreenWorks Organization

U.S. Department of Energy

Best Energy Education Program Award in the newsletter category, 2000: GreenWorks Gazette

Pennsylvania Environmental Council and DQE

Three Rivers Environmental Award for Community or Continuing Education, 2001: GreenWorks Organization

Capital Awards, Harrisburg Chapter of the International Association of Business Communicators

Gold Award for Print Advertising, 2001: GreenWorks Gazette

Film Festivals

Black Bear Film Festival, Milford, Pennsylvania

2005: Life on the Delaware

Environmental Film Festival, Washington, DC

2005: Change is a Brewin’

2005: Think Globally, Eat Locally

Environmental Media Awards, Los Angeles, California

Nominee, Documentary short category, 2003: Dr. Tom Dick

Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival, Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Nominee, Best Web Presentation category, 2003: website

Scribe Center’s Street Movies, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

2003: From the Bay to PA

2003: Dealing with Waste

The Columbus International Film and Video Festival’s Chris Awards, Columbus, Ohio

Honorable Mention, Social Issues category, 2003: Farming on the Edge

EarthVision Environmental Film & Video Festival, Santa Cruz, California

Water Quality, Watersheds, and Oceans, First Place, 2002: Pennsylvania: A River Sojourn

Farming, Pesticides, and Soils, First Place, 2002: Farming on the Edge

Environmental Sustainability, Honorable Mention, 2002: Raycing the Sun

Hazel Wolf Environmental Film Festival, Leavenworth, Washington

2003: Longwall Mining

2003: Dr. Tom Dick

2003: Farming on the Edge

Philadelphia Festival of World Cinema, 15th Annual Festival of Independents

Opening Program, 2000: Farming on the Edge

US International Film and Video Festival

Silver Screen Award, 1999: Pennsylvania’s First Green Building