Today, most people would agree that the health of the environment and the health of people are related. A couple decades ago, this relationship wasn’t so clear.

In the early 1990s, the Environmental Fund For Pennsylvania was challenged to demonstrate this connection. The Environmental Fund for Pennsylvania (EFP) promotes local, environmental organizations in workplace-giving campaigns. EFP crisscrossed the Commonwealth uncovering the stories of individuals helping people in their own communities by protecting the environment.

These efforts evolved into an Emmy award-winning series reaching into more than 5 million homes throughout Pennsylvania. The personal story became our hallmark approach. This success led to an ever-growing interest in making this personal connection to environmental issues both inside and outside of the state. In 2004, GreenTreks Network was established to meet this demand.

Here are some of our accomplishments:
• We produced dozens of television programs, which have aired on public television and cable access stations in all major markets in the country.
• We developed web programs to act as companions to our documentaries or to tell the story of organizations whose missions are in alignment with ours.
• We initiated marketing partnerships that have brought our inspirational stories to new audiences in exciting, creative, and nontraditional ways.
• We created comprehensive communications strategies and programming for others who share our vision of a more sustainable world.