Good for you, Good for Planet II: People Power Produces Electricity

With all of the gyms around, we’ve wondered about the potential for generating power to light the studio spaces or run the always on ESPN tuned TVs for awhile now. Rather than using electricity to run all the newfangled cardio machines, why can’t we channel our energy and put our calorie burning activities to use?

A little further investigation led us to the Green Microgym,  a Portland based outfit which bills itself as “the world’s first electricity generating gyms.” Through energy creation and conservation, they figure they generated 36% of their power needs and saved 37,000 kilowatt hours of electricity in 2010 — the equivalent of:

  • 74,000 pounds of carbon emissions
  • 81,400 miles NOT driven
  • 15 acres of trees planted

Pretty darn impressive, and when combined with their other sustainability-focused efforts (no bottled water for sale; purchase of quality lightly used equipment when possible; member controlled lights, fans, tvs; recycling program and focus on recycled products; high efficiency compact fluorescent lighting; etc), it makes one wonder the collective impact corporate fitness centers could make if they sacrificed a little green to Go Green…

For info about the equipment they use at GreenMicrogym, visit Plugout Fitness>>

Closer to home, some local students are having a bit of fun adn getting into the act. Check out the piece that recently ran in

GreenSpace: At Drexel and Temple, pedaling produces electrical power –