Now on Planet Forward: Capturing Rainwater is Good Business Practise

To start a new partnership with Planet Forward — a project of the Center for Innovative Media at The George Washington University that aims to share innovative ideas, informed opinion, and first-hand experience on energy, climate, and sustainability — we’re debuting some of our latest videos on sustainable stormwater management.

Check out their site at — and submit your ideas for their SMART COMMUNITIES initiative: What innovation can help communities build for the future and adapt to a changing planet?

While you’re there, be sure to look for our stories on various efforts underway in Pennsylvania to manage rainwater in ways that improve the local environment, add to our quality of life, and make good business sense. Go directly to their Water section >>

And check back often. They have some great stuff — and much more will be coming from us!

Interested in Greening Your Roof? Join Queen Village workshop to learn how

GreenTreks has been all over the city filming various greening efforts i recent months, and this Saturday we’ll be out at the Southwark Queen Village Community Garden as the neighborhood residents put a living roof on the building that houses bee-keeping supplies.

Yup, you’re reading it right: BEE KEEPING SUPPLIES! There are nine hives at the Community Garden and the bee-kepers need a place to store equipment and extract honey — so the Honey House was born. Besides growing a vast array of edibles and ornamentals, the Gardeners have pushed the sustainability envelope and are inspiring others to rethink their own slice of the urban environment: they’ve installed solar panels (and sell power back to PECO during peak times when electricity is most in demand) and a composting toilet on the property. Putting a living roof on the Honey House to help control runoff and demonstrate how greening can happen at an intimate scale, they figured, was the next logical step.

Come and learn how easily a green roof can come together and lend a hand!


The Southwark Queen Village Community Garden and the Neighborhood Garden Association are presenting a hands on workshop to explain the concept of green roofs and allow participants to work on the installation of a simple and small roof in our garden. The workshop will help complete our new Honey House and raise money for bee equipment. The roof work will be directed by master roofer, Ray Nocella.

Come, participate, or watch, and learn.

When: Saturday, July 16, 2011, 10AM to Noon.

Where: Southwark Queen Village Community Garden

311 Christian St. Philadelphia, PA 19147

Fee: $20/person.  Limit of 20 people.

Iced drinks and seating in our garden will be provided.

Call 215-320-2980 to reserve a spot.