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Not sure where you line up on the debate on drilling for Natural Gas? Hear Philly Water Department’s take…

There’s so much polarizing debate going on around the issue of drilling for natural gas in the Marcellus Shale formation that it’s hard to know what lies ahead. On one side, there are those who see the “gasrush” as nothing less than economic salvation; on the other, those who believe environmental disaster is imminent and drilling must be prevented no what the opportunity cost. There are a ton of far smarter minds than ours weighing in, yet we tend to believe that somewhere along the line we must reach a middle ground and PROCEED SLOWLY, AND WITH EXTREME CAUTION, because it’s pretty clear we’re not getting to a 100% renewable energy future anytime soon…

Kelly Anderson and Paula Conolly of the Philadelphia Water Department (PWD) will present an overview of PWD’s approach to source water protection and what steps are being taken to address the challenges presented by natural gas drilling in the Schuylkill and Delaware River basins–the source of Philadelphia’s water supply.

Please RSVP by December 13. For reservations or more information, please call 215-685-0723. More Information at FWWIC website >>

As a prelude to the program, you might want to Remember The River by tuning in to a video we created for our tireless friends at the Delaware Riverkeeper Network. It’s mainly derived from a pair of our beautiful documentaries, Life on the Delaware and PA: A River Sojourn. Both are available now on DVD. Go to the Shop >>

Remember the River from GreenTreks Network on Vimeo.

Be Moved to Action: Stories that Change the World on DVD just in time for the Holidays

We’ve got our online Shop up and running just in time for the Holiday season, so you can now watch entire programs on your big screen television or give them as gifts to family and friends!

If you haven’t been following us for several years, you may not even know about some of the great programs we’ve put out! The fact is, we’ve been so focused on building our EcoExpress portal and helping bring municipalities and engineers up to speed on the state of stormwater management that we haven’t been promoting award-winning programs like Farming on the Edge and From the Bay to PA; beautiful documentaries such as Life on the Delaware and Raycing the Sun; and quirky thought-provokers such as Environmental Classroom and Enviro-Art. Many of the programs from our GreenWorks series continue to air on cable and public television stations in various parts of the country, but you can own them now on DVD.

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Philadelphia’s “Green City, Clean Waters” program on National, International stage

If you’ve been following us for any length of time, you probably know how proud we are to call Philadelphia home–all the more so because of the amazing number of “greening” efforts that are popping up all around us in recent months. Interestingly (coincidentally?), the Mayor’s Office of Sustainability named the city’s sustainability strategy Greenworks Philadelphia when it was launched in April 2009. (In case you didn’t know, our GreenWorks television series and web initiatives began more than a decade earlier and set the stage for the GreenTreks of today–more on that some other time.)

What has us most stoked at the moment is what the Philadelphia Water Department (PWD) is doing for the city, because they’re trailblazers in the movement to a more natural way of dealing with the problems caused by runoff from rain. We’ve been fortunate enough to be working with them to educate residents and business owners about the many benefits of making the city more green.

Rina Cutler, Philadelphia’s Deputy Mayor, Transportation & Utilities, is in Denver this week at the  2010 Congress of Cities & Exposition. She’ll be speaking to City leaders from across the nation about Greening Water Infrastructure, and will be highlighting PWD’s ambitious program to transform Philly into a greener, cleaner, more liveable place. We’re told she’ll be using our just completed short video to help get the point across. Check it out:

Green City, Clean Waters Promo from GreenTreks Network on Vimeo.

If one headed North and West from Denver, they might catch the same video on display at Cities Alive, the 8th Annual Green Roof & Wall Conference, being held in Vancouver this week. Our friends at Pennsylvania Horticultural Society will be there, talking to delegates from all over the world about Philly’s efforts.

Believe it or not, Philly’s leading the way!