DID YOU KNOW almost every part of a cell phone is recyclable—and so are dozens of products we throw out everyday?

Our obsessive upgrading of cell phones, computers, television sets, and other electronics, means millions of tons of hazardous materials end up in landfills every year instead of being recycled our reused.

Check out Earth 911 to see what you can recycle — and where.

DID YOU KNOW polls show that Americans believe our quality of life would be better if we had more transportation options?

Many people say they drive because they have no other choice, and support better public transit systems and safer walking and cycling routes.

Check out a great study on what people think>>

Next time you get directions, why not look for options other than car: you can find public transportation, walking, or bike.

Healthy Food Comes from Healthy Plants-but let’s not forget the importance of Soil!

Most of us know that fruits and vegetables come from living plants, but we don’t often think about the soil in which they are grown. Healthy soil hosts a living factory that’s full of bacteria, invertebrates, insects, and animals–which, under the right conditions, cause plants to thrive. Maysies Farm shows how organic farming practices such as composting can nurture healthy soil, which in turn grows healthy, delicious food for people to enjoy.

Biodiversity and Food: Maysies Farm from GreenTreks Network on Vimeo.

Trees add to home value, help cool the city, clean the air, and keep water pollution out of rivers and streams

Pennsylvania has lost thousands of acres of forest lands to logging, industry, urbanization, and development in modern times, but the state is pushing to plant 1 million new trees over the next 5 years. There are plenty of community tree planting events happening this Spring.
Find one.
Grab a shovel.
Get out and Help!

tree planting planting trees