Welcome to GreenTreks!

If you haven’t met us before, you’re long overdue! We are an award-winning, non-profit video production and educational organization that highlights environmental solutions to inspire actions within our community. We work on the big issues like sustainability, water quality, climate change, air pollution, and more — but we do it in ways that mean something to you.

Local [What is happening in your backyard?]

Relevant [How does it affect you?]

Real [What can you do about it?]

Based in Philadelphia, we bring innovation and creativity to the environmental movement: Through the web, television, social media, and community partnerships, we share powerful stories of ordinary individuals doing extraordinary things—and motivate others to become personally involved. Today, few would argue that the health of the environment and the health of humans are inextricably linked, but that relationship wasn’t so clear two decades ago. GreenTreks was established to make this connection-and has become known for the innovative ways we inspire action by connecting the big issues to real people and their everyday lives.

Our Core Programs

StormwaterPA: Your Blueprint for Success.


A comprehensive outreach and education initiative designed to help PA residents and municipal officials, engineers, developers, and other key players in landscape management understand new approaches to controlling runoff—and how to put them into action. StormwaterPA has evolved into the “go-to” source of news, information, discussion, and from-the-field examples of collaborative efforts that are protecting water resources, improving community health, and growing local economies.

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EcoExpress: Connecting Kids to the Natural World. Tied to Standards.


A STEM-focused learning center that shows how issues such as global warming, air pollution, poor water quality, waste disposal, and local food intersect with our everyday lives. It begins with short video segments; aligns them with curriculum standards; and backs them up with a network of resources to provide educators with the tools to engage today’s ”wired” students and connect classroom lessons with the world outside of their doors.

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Consulting ServicesSupporting Sustainability and Community Health.

In addition to our own programs, GreenTreks works with organizations, coalitions, and campaigns to bring visual storytelling and educational expertise to environmental concerns.

Every one of our projects is designed to build awareness of how individual actions impact the environment. Better yet, they provide our audiences with a roadmap to making more informed choices, acting more responsibly, and sharing the empowerment they derive from knowing they are making a difference, one small act at a time.

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